Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ack! I forgot to post!

Hey people! I thought that I should just tell y'all that I did complete the olymipics!!!! I just forgot to post!! Go to my mom's site for verifacation! Here are some pictures!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

For those who didn't quite get to the gold...

Check out the Jamaican Bobsled Olympic Spirit Award instead! Very nice button available.

Well, I gave it a shot

I think that this particular project was doomed from the start. I had the gauge problems on the original project. How frustrating! I didn't get the look I liked at the gauge, and when I had enough of it to know that it wasn't going to work, well... too much time had gone by. That is one thing about being familiar with different kinds of yarn - I have now discovered this. I haven't really worked with Homespun before. It is a great yarn but I would never want it at that gauge - and this was a LB sweater made with Homespun - I think it made it look icky - almost like 1/2 felted fabric or something.

So anyway, when I switched I just didn't have time to finish. I gave it a shot though. I am doing a wonderful lacy type poncho (lacy in stitch - not in yarn) made out of Bernat Soft & Chunky which is a yarn I love. It is pure white and I think it will be wonderful for spring. It isn't heavy due to the stitch pattern even though it is chunky yarn. I love it.

So alls well that ends well. Just no gold this time around. But on the really cool side, my daughter Hannah (if you're happy and you know it frog your yarn posting) did finish and is getting her photos and postings ready. She is 15 and I think deserves a standing ovation.

Sooooo.... are we going to do this again in two years?



"Ooooh, that hurt!! What happened there, Peggy?"

"Well, Dick... this is really tragic. The contestant obviously was visibly shaken by that horrible and debilitating accident that occurred right in front of her just a moment ago. She let herself get distracted just enough that she didn't notice when she dropped a stitch during that K3tog until a few rows above it. By then it was too late, Dick... the stitch had dropped down enough rows to unravel those 4 yarnovers, and after that there was just no recovery possible. You can see that she is putting a brave face on it, and is going on to finish the other sock on the needles. Truly a determined competitor, but there just won't be enough time to make up the lost rows in this competition. I'm afraid that medaling is out of reach for her."

"Well, Peggy, that's a real shame. You hate to see such a promising knitter lose the gold just when it seems within reach like that. What a disappointing finish for this knitlete!"

"Yes, Dick, you can hear and see the disappointment of the audience, they were really pulling for her."

"Well, you have to give her credit, she's really put her heart into this competition. I think we'll be seeing her again in the future, and hopefully we can expect great things. What do you think, Peggy?"

"I think you'd better get your hand off my knee, Dick."

"Well, that's it for this Olympic reporter..."

Just Call Me "Bode"...

I decided over lunch on Friday that I was probably going to be the "Bode Miller" of the US Knitting Olympic Team - you know, lots of hype, great potential, didn't come through in the clutch...
Case in point:

Here is the status of my project at noon on Sunday (aka - Closing Day!). Yes, that's my FIRST sock and no, it's not done. I don't know if it was the partying in the Olympic Village, the sprained ankle from the pick-up basketball game or perhaps ALL the interviews that I had to do, but I was not able to get any further...

And I have some major mistake going on - for some reason the bottom of the sock is now knitting a garter pattern, rather than stockinette, despite my best efforts to correct it. Also, the ribbing pattern is all off and it doesn't fit this size 8 foot.

What have I learned from little experience? Not much really, other than I have a lot going on and not enough time to dedicate to knitting. And when I do knit, I have to concentrate more on the project at hand and not so much on speed. Perhaps this being my first attempt to compete at the "senior" level (Only been knitting since Aug05) has something to do with it too.

At any rate, the sock is going to be completely frogged soon and the yarn put to something else, as I really like it - perhaps a less challenging pattern for socks.

So CONGRATULATIONS on all of the gold medal winners out there - you did a great job and deserve all the KUDOS that go with it...And Thanks to all of my teammates and fans for the encouragement and support - I am sorry I let you down, but I am not giving up...must start training for 2010!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

More gold and glory!

Yay! I did it! It's full of errors, but oh well--it's done. Check out my blog for my Olympic joy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Shawl Specs

Peacock Feathers shawl pattern from Fiddlesticks. Yarn: Laceweight yarn hand dyed in the Violets Colourway from Sweet Georgia. Just an aside here - Felicity at Sweet Georgia is happy to custom dye yarns for you. Just a message from your friendly sleep deprived yarn enabler. Now, where were we? I used probably one and a quarter skeins - the second skein was much more pink than the first, but as I changed skeins near where I started the last chart, it very satisfyingly looks as thought I meant to do it that way.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome - I am never entirely sure whether my knitted projects suck or not, but I quite like this.

And another gold medal for Team Midwest!

12 hours straight knitting and we have the winning pair.

Congratulations to all my fellow team mates who have all finished.

To those who still have some knitting left: Go go go! Gold is within your grasp: See the gold. Feel the gold. Be the gold. Go Team Midwest!

Now I'm done, what next?

Gold for Team Midwest!

I will post more details later. I have knit for almost seven straight hours to finish this *ucker and I have to get up very soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


We interrupt your blogging schedule for an important announcement...

For more details on this dramatic event, check out my blog.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging. Thank you for your time.



My Hourglass Sweater is finished and I even wore it to work today. I'm glad to be done - and I love the sweater.

Our eyes, they glow.
More details at Stumbling Over Chaos.

For everyone still knitting - Go, Team Midwest, Go!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ah Capri!

My shawl is blocked & ready for wear! :) Read all about it & see the pictures at Amy Artisan!

Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement during the process! The rest of the Olympic days I will be working on some simple dishcloths & cheering on my fellow Team Midwest Knathletes.


Another Gold Medal

I MADE IT!!! My beaded socks are done. I would never have thought I could actually get a pair of socks done in less than 2 weeks without putting the rest of my life on hold. This was a great experience.

Hang in there.... there is still a lot of knitting time left.


Row 220

I swear, I'll get a better photo of this thing soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Kiri Thus Far

It looks small, but it's pretty far along.... I think I may make it.

*Edit* If it helps with scale, it's on a 40 inch addi circular.

Team Midwest Medal Count??

Score one Gold Medal for Team Midwest. My toe up socks are wonderfully comfortable and have already been worn, washed, dried, and worn again. More info on my toe-up trials and tribulations at Wound Too Tight .

I'm still cheering for all of you and I'll keep my needles raised until the torch goes out. Happy Knitting.


Having a Fit


After a long drought, I suddenly have a deluge of jobs with really tight deadlines, and I'm going to be working long into the wee small hours... which leaves me no time for knitting, just when I thought I was sort of getting a handle on the Boats and was mildly hopeful that I might finish by Sunday.

Do I really need 2 hours of sleep per night? If I went entirely without....

A Good Fit

After a great long weekend, that actually included a little knitting, I am back to my second cuff. I am comfortable that I will make it. My mom loved them and on several occasions encouraged me to make sure that I finished them for her quickly. They fit her really well. I use the Crazy Heels and Toes method so the fit is always good on socks.